29 Jan

And no, I have no clue why my header is broken, and no, I’m not going to fix it right now. I overate on oxtail hot pot and I feel bloated and like I have to shit. But it was delicious. I couldn’t stop.

Yet again, long time no blog.

29 Jan

Yet again, long time no blog.

Blah. I’ve been going through absolute hell the past several months. And I know you’re supposed to share with a blog so you develop a connection with your readers, but I just can’t do it right now. I’m shared out, I’m burned out, and I want it all to be over. I know this year is going to be better though! It already is getting better, I think.

So. Here’s what I’ve been working on since I was last here.

The scarf for Grandma Norma has been frogged. While I was unkinking some yarn (after an unfortunate experience that made me have to rip half of the thing out), I noticed that it got rougher when I washed it. In fact, it became horribly scratchy. It was awful! It felt bad on my fingers, so I couldn’t justify giving it to a fragile woman who needs and deserves the softest of the soft.

I gave the yarn to the cats. They like it much more.

I started a pretty lace scarf for my sister. I frogged it. It was going okay, but the pattern was lost in the very variegated yarn. I’m starting soon using a simpler pattern, and it’ll be my first beaded project which should be fun!

I knit a scarf/shawlette for myself. Then I frogged it! Notice a theme yet? It was weirdly short. I think it was my gauge. I couldn’t wrap it around my neck. So I made some modifications to the pattern, and now it is perfect.

I haven’t taken a picture of the new version, but it looks pretty much the same as the old one, which is modeled for you by my wonderful kitty.

And a simple scarf for my fiance, former scarf hater who is now converted and wears it all the time! It’s a bit short (ran out of yarn, haha) but he loves it so I guess it’s fine.

You can’t tell based on the adorable picture, but that little dude is a DOUCHE. I love him but he’s such a shit. He’s lucky he’s cute :P

AND I am working on my first socks for me! Pics are coming, I’ve taken some WIP shots but they’re on mah phone and I feel lazy. I had a lot of trouble with the toe construction so it kind of looks square which I don’t think is right, but they’re my first so they don’t have to be perfect.

So, hey, my cats love knitted things! In case you didn’t notice that they don’t exactly look tormented in those pics. They both are super happy being wrapped up or snuggling into woolies. I’m hoping to knit them both new blankets, and Rugby is getting a little sweater because I know I can get him into one without losing an arm. So that’ll be coming soon!


29 Sep


I am a failure knitter. I keep losing stitches and I can’t find them and it’s all very pathetic, and I’m THIS CLOSE to trashing this damn scarf and buying Grandma Norma a box of chocolates instead for Xmas. I can’t even blame the pattern. It’s just me being thick.

13 Sep

Mawata obsession has reached critical levels. Please send help.

Must go weave in ends. HJNHJV.

I have too been doing stuff.

8 Sep

Starting now I am going to try to blog at least once a week. Because I seriously suck.

I’ve been knitting!

I finished a cowl scarf. By finished, I mean that I’m still too lazy to block it and weave in the ends. I’m keeping it because I CAN. Ha. It was supposed to be the Gaptastic Cowl but I didn’t like the look of the seed stitch in my variegated yarn so I decided to wing it and do something different.

I’ve also reached the halfway mark on the Wavy Scarf from Knitty. I’m knitting it in aqua and it looks pretty much exactly like the pattern. Once it’s finished I’ll post pics. It’s a present for a friend who has her birthdat in about 2 weeks, and I actually think it’ll be done in time.

Yellow bear is sewn up. I borked up his face. He’s overall rather a disappointment.

I also started a little plushie of an FiM MLP. There were no instructions on the pattern, which I found on DA, so I jsut decided to wing it. But then I found a pattern that this DA one was OBVIOUSLY ripped off from, and according to the instructions I screwed up. So I have been avoiding it. I’ll eventually finish it.

Trying to figure out vintage garment

11 Jul


I need a bit of halp, btw. Now I should preface this by saying I don’t have google analytics set up yet (again, lazy) so I still have no idea if I have any readers. But if I do and any of you have an answer to my question, I’ll be your friend~

I have this dress. I bought it at Value Village so I’m not 100% sure of age or origin. Label reads “Franky B”. I can’t find a brand/designer anywhere now with this name. There’s one with an IE instead of Y, but they seem to mostly make jeans. I don’t think it’s the same company. The size tag is paper! That’s new to me, I’ve never seen anything like that before. The sizing is also very different. It’s apparently a size 10, when RTW I’m a 12 or 14 everywhere.

The ever-stylish Mr. Snitch thinks it’s vintage, early 60s.

I’ve been trying to figure out if this is correct. Several points:

-There is a care label. However, there are no care symbols on the label and no information about the fabric content. Also no label for country of origin.
-Fabric is definitely synthetic. I didn’t do a burn test because it just doesn’t feel like it can be anything else. It’s lightish weight, slightly sheer (as in, if I hold it up to light while not wearing it I can see through it, but it looks totally solid when worn). It has a small amount of stretch, but not much. I don’t know anything else about the fabric content, see above. I’ve never felt anything similar so I don’t know what to compare it to.
-Hem is knee length.
-I’m not sure what the name for the type of sleeve is.  It fits me like a cap sleeve, but there isn’t a separate piece for the sleeve, it’s an extension of the shoulder of the dress. To me, the construction is really radically different from current RTW. The front  of the bodice is a single piece: it includes the collar and is joined together via a CF seam at the natural waist.
-There are no zippers or fastenings of any sort, dress pulls on.
-There is a RN # on the tag:

RN Type:RN
RN Number:45728
Address Line 1:470 7TH AVE City:NEW YORK State Code:NY Zip:10018 Product Line:

According to the formula somebody on ebay came up with, the RN # means estimated year of issue is ’71.

So… My thing here is that I NEED a pattern that I could use to knock off this dress with minimal alteration.

And there it is on me right after I bought it ($7!). It looks better on me now that I’ve lost a bunch of weight and cut my hair, lol. I should see if I can get a pic of me in it from the wedding I wore it to last weekend. Then maybe you’d get a look at the neckline without my hair in the way.

If anyone knows of a pattern that looks like that guy… Please share!

Herp derp derp.

11 Jul

I still don’t have the promised pictures of stuff. I’m sorry if there’s anyone out there who reads this blog and wanted to see them. But I’ve been working a lot, and wedding planning, and having trouble with my university…. I’ve just been too stressed to get much done. Well, I get knitting done. It’s easier to take about with me, and lately most of the time I have is when on the subway.

So, here’s an update on my last update!

-Yellow cotton teddy bear is mostly sewn. Mostly. He’s like 2/3 stitched up, and then I hid him from my cat (she’s a fan of pins, if I leave any out she steals them and adds them to her hoard) and forgot about him until now. I’ll try to finish him soon. Mostly because I need an excuse to buy new buttons for his eyes as I don’t thinkI have any quite right.

-Embroidery project for Mr. Snitch: Outline done, buried under large pile of crap. Going to paint parts as well. He’s seen it (oops) so I might as well let the cat out of the bag here too. It’s Pinhead from Hellraiser, which is his fave. I’ve been toying with making a set of horror flick characters because I think they’d look nice hung up together.

-Finished gray yarn (except a teeny bit, not enough for another square). Now Walmart doesn’t have it in stock anymore. If I’m schlepping all the way to Michael’s I’d like to do so for NICE yarn instead of scratchy stuff. So Walmart has to get it back in! I don’t know what to do.

-I LEARNED HOW TO PURL. This was incredibly frustrating. I’ve also learned how to switch back and forth between knitting and purling.

That is important because I’ve started the Gap-Tastic cowl on Ravelry. It turns out to be a bit beyond my skill level, good thing it’s an Xmas gift for a friend that I’ve started early for once. I’m making it out of a really pretty neutralish ombre that’s nice and smooshy in my fingers. I worry I’ll want to keep it :P

I’m having a problem with seed stitch. First issue was that I didn’t know how to move my working yarn from the front to back and vice versa, I kept looping it over my stitches and it turns out that doesn’t work. So scarf is to be unpicked. All 131 caston stitches and almost 4 rows, fml. Now that I’ve figured out (thanks Ehow <3<3<3) that what I need to do is move it between the needles themselves, it makes more sense. I figured to practice the stitch I’d use my yellow yarn and make the yellow blanket squares in seed stitch (because it’s super pretty). Now, what we’ll call my test piece in that yarn is… Not right. I think what I’ve been doing wrong is that I’ve been doing K1 P1, then flipping and continuing the pattern. So K1 P1 FLIP K1 P1. This is how it’s done on the Gaptastic Cowl pattern… But apparently stitches work a tad differently in the round. This makes sense, since you’re not flipping like when working flat, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. So mid-square I’m just going to switch my method. Actually what I did looks really pretty, kind of like rib? I’m too lazy to look up what exactly the stitch I accidentally made is called. And that’s why I don’t want to rip the bugger out.

Long-overdue update on happenings in Snitchyland

2 Jun

I have a nasty chest cold. Who gets a chest cold in the summer? Immune system fail. And I’ve been working 11 hour work days because I have a lot to do, as I’m filling in for a coworker who is away until the 8th.

I’ve still managed to get a bit of crafting done, though. I have no pictures at the moment (that’s a lie, I do, but I’m too lazy to upload them!)… But here’s what has been done. I’ll try and edit in pics as soon as I’m not too lazy.

-I made a plush elephant for moi. I did a lot of the sewing while really sleepy, so he looks kind of not great. He’s… Lopsided. And kind of awful. But I like him! I used ecofelt (<3<3<3) and some quilting cotton I got in my craft swap.

-For the swap, my crafted item was… Surprise! Another elephant. Using red ecofelt and red/white striped quilting cotton. I put a lot more effort in this one, and I think it looks much better. Unfortunately I don’t think my swap partner liked it…

- Started work on a teddy bear, because I really wanted to try this pattern out. It’s supposed to be made with fake fur, but I’m using yellow quilting cotton because that’s what I have. Yeah, I’m a rebel baby.

- The yellow knitted monstrosity… Is not usable for anything. Is a monstrosity. Am going to unpick it and start over. I’ve successfully knit a bunch of squares in the gray yarn and am nearly finished that ball. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot better! I still only know the knit stitch though. Hee.

- Started a little embroidery project for Mr. Snitch. Not going to say anything else for now, other than that I’m doing it on canvas which I like to do because then it is ready to hang right away. I’m sure there’s a reason why nobody seems to do this. But I like it. Rebel, etc. Mr. Snitch has been so wonderful with me lately because I’ve been a total bear ALL THE TIME. Last night I started crying for no reason because I was pissed off that I couldn’t get to sleep because my chest was full of AIDS and I had convinced myself I’d die in my sleep and nobody would notice that I was dead. He got me frozen yogurt and made me feel all better. He’s so awesome. So I want to make him something. I keep promising to make him PJs but I don’t have my machine right now. I’ll eventually get on that.

- Drew up a little sloth to embroider for my craft swap partner, unfortunately didn’t have time to stitch it out. Which is too bad because she probably would have liked that a lot more. And then I wouldn’t have been a crappy partner. I’m thinking I’ll stitch it up for me to see if I like it, and then I’ll clean it up and make it available here because I couldn’t FIND any sloth embroidery patterns, free or otherwise, and I fucking love sloths.

-I have an awesome idea for a felt project! I’m going to keep a lid on it for now, because I’d like to do some mockups and see if it works as well made up as it does in my head. I might sell some on Etsy because there’s nobody else making these.

Do not ask me about my wedding, I’ll punch you in the face.


25 Apr


I was afraid this would happen.

I picked my wedding dress out a year ago. I’ve only tried it on once since as I keep having to postpone my fittings due to… Exams and stuff.

But omg.

I am having wedding dress remorse.

I covet. I die. AGH. WHY did i pay for my dress already. WHY.

I just don’t know that I love it anymore.

Some day, I’ll be a GROWN UP blogger!

20 Apr


I have knitting to show off! Last weekend I finally found an explanation of how to cast on that worked for my hands, and since then I’ve been very busy working on a nice and overly ambitious project for my sewing room/spare bedroom that nobody is allowed to sleep in.

If you are wondering, nobody is allowed to sleep in there (except me, but only sometimes) because the bed in there is Zoey’s Bed. She sleeps right in the middle. Mr. Snitch wanted a spare bedroom because he likes to be able to have friends crash at our place. However, if a friend does sleep over in that bed, he/she is inevitably awoken in the middle of the night by a very angry beast sitting on their throat and glaring in a manner that, I’m told, is somewhat terrifying.  Or, if they’re lucky, they can’t get to sleep because she comes in and screams at them, or just jumps directly onto their face from behind. And yeah, a 4 pound cat can be terrifying. Zoey’s actually unnervingly intelligent, and we all worry that she will decide to use her powers for evil.

Unfortunately, my camera, she is currently busted. When I make Mr. Snitch fix it I will post a picture (hopefully I’ll be further along then). It is yellow, quelle surprise, and kind of sloppy looking because I’m still getting used to the motions. It was supposed to be a square but now I don’t know what it is because I cast on too many stitches so it is massive and also somehow it grew and is now really wide.

I have a craft swap coming up that I have some nice ambitious plans for, and also MOAR KNITTING. See, I still owe some people their xmas pressies, so I’m hoping to be able to throw quick scarves together with chunky yarn and be done with them. I’m horrible, you see. Also I want to knit blankets for the cats’ carriers. I know Rugby would like one (he currently has an old polarfleece blanket with a lame wolf on it, and wolves aren’t really his style), but not so sure about Zoey as the last time we tried to take out the towel that has been in her carrier since the day we brought her home is a Cherished Possession and we aren’t even allowed to wash it. That’s one of our few nice towels, too. Damn cat.Instead of a picture of knitting, I humbly offer you a myspacey picture of Zoey, taken as she tried to eat my camera.